Interesting hyperlink annotations at NYT

Almost sneakily, the New York Times rolled out an update of the trusty hyperlink on its website’s stories. New code embedded in the pages allows you to link to and highlight individual paragraphs and even sentences. The changes seem especially significant for bloggers who want to call attention to specific portions of Times’ stories. Here’s how it works. In the story above, the base URL is: * If you wanted to link to a specific paragraph, you’d simply add a “#” and the number of the paragraph, e.g.: * You can even go a step deeper and skip to a particular sentence, e.g.: * And here’s where it really gets cool, though. If you want to highlight that section, you simply switch the p to an h. I generated the highlighted text below with the following link: * To simplify things, if you hit your shift key twice on a Times story, small icons appear next to every paragraph. Click on one of them and it’ll place the paragraph linked URL up in the address bar of your browser…

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Gowalla’s New Strategy: Embrace Enemies & Extend: Tech News «

By bringing photos inline to the Activity Feed, making the addition of new Spots (and flagging of duplicates) easier, and providing a Universal Activity Feed that shows check-ins from your friends on Gowalla, Facebook Places, Foursquare and Tumblr, we’re making Gowalla an easy-to-use social utility for discovering the everyday, and extraordinary, around you.

Gowalla 3 (initially on the iPhone platform only), also incorporates a completely new browsing experience for Friends and Photos, the option to bookmark your favorite spots for easy perusal and reference, and a smoother look and feel to the overall application. The Gowalla Passport has also been improved, with Photos, Trips, Items and Activity made even more accessible than previous versions. (From Gowalla Press Release.)


Goopon Announcement by Amy Webb | Qrait

Testing out @Qrait as a dynamic curation tool ahead of today’s maybe/ could be Google-Groupon announcement.